Three reasons why your condensate pan overflows

The condensate pan is a component of your air conditioner, designed to collect dripping condensation and carry it safely out of the system via a drain line. Otherwise, the condensation could drip onto electrical components and cause a short or inflict similar damage to the system. An overflowing condensate pan is cause for concern.

Here are three reasons why the condensate pan overflows:

·       Clogged line. If the line gets clogged, the water won’t drain and it will gradually fill up the pan. Clogs can be caused by anything from dust build up, to mold, to mineral impurities in the water itself. A trained technician can usually fix the issue without damaging the line or the pan.

·       Tilted pan. If the pan itself becomes tilted or misaligned, it will fill up more rapidly and possibly overflow.

·       Excessive flow. The drain line can get rid of excessive condensate, but the water still flows at a certain rate. If the build-up of condensation exceeds the line’s ability to remove the water, you’re probably going to get some overflow. This often happens when low refrigerant levels create ice on the evaporator coils. As the ice melts, it creates more water than the drain system can handle.

If left untreated an overflowing pan could cause a lot of damage. A qualified technician can correct any of these issues.

A comprehensive AC maintenance plan is also a great way to help alleviate issues over time by being proactive.

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