Is AC maintenance really that important?

In short, yes, it is. There are a number of benefits to having regular maintenance done, and these are a few:

AC Maintenance2

Fewer Repairs: As mentioned above, when you address AC repair needs right away, you have less of a chance of running into bigger emergencies later on. This is because during your appointment, our technicians inspect every inch of your home AC system, looking for small problems and issues that could be developing. This may be something as simple as your air filter beginning to clog to something more serious such as a leaking compressor or a loose fan motor. Whatever the case, we will fix these things for you once we notice them. This is far better than tackling repair needs as they come up, since at that point they might have already done a lot of damage.

Better System Efficiency: No matter how small a problem exists within your air conditioner, the longer you ignore or neglect it, the more negatively your system will be affected. On the contrary, if you keep up on your maintenance appointments, the cleaning and adjusting that we do will help your system to work more efficiently, saving you both money and comfort.

Longer Equipment Lifespan: If your system works as efficiently as it should—which it will with proper maintenance—then it’s also going to last as long as it should. Even the smallest problems can take a toll on your air conditioner as they add up. But regular maintenance helps us—and you—stay on top of these issues and extend the life of your equipment so you don’t have to worry about premature replacement.

Peace of Mind: Without maintenance, every little noise you hear or glitch you detect from your air conditioner is likely to send you into a panic that something’s wrong. Even if that’s not the case, you’ll have an air conditioner that could fail on you in any given moment. When it’s the middle of summer, on a hot day, and all of our HVAC technicians are out on emergency calls, the last thing on your mind is going to be maintenance—instead it’s going to be “how do I resolve this quickly and affordably?” If you’ve already had maintenance done however, this scenario is far less likely to occur.

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